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Iowa State University

In the spotlight

Music and performing arts majors share their coolest experiences of the year, from masterclasses to lighting design studies.

Sabrina Bleile, ’25 music
“A masterclass with Nicole Chamberlain. It was amazing to sit in and listen to others play, because you can learn styles and ways to play a certain piece of music and translate it to one of your pieces of music.”

Bobbie Buie, ‘24 performing arts
“I got to shoot a live prop weapon backstage during ‘Street Scene,’ for the sound effect.”

Abbigail Markus, ’22 performing arts
“Collaborating with guest artists Jessica Kahkoska and Elliah Heifetz on ‘BABA.’ Seeing our suggestions implemented, their brilliant minds at work and many artists collaborating is awe-inspiring. We are so blessed to have this workshop experience.”

Jackson Newhouse, ’24 performing arts
“An independent study focusing on advanced lighting design.”

Ashley Oxenreider, ’22 performing arts
“Directing and getting a sense of what professional directors go though, from picking the play, to auditions, to talking to a team of designers, to create the world of the play to opening night.”

Rachael Purdy, ’25 performing arts
“Learning how to sword fight on stage!”

Harris Rogerson, ’22 music
“Performing a timpani concerto with the Wind Ensemble.”

Keeley Taylor, ’22 music
“Playing in the pit orchestra for ISU Theatre’s production of the opera ‘Street Scene.’”